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Webinar: Deploying AI with confidence

In the webinar "Deploying AI with confidence" on May 17, 2022, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., experts will discuss how science is helping to increase confidence in AI. This will focus on AI in healthcare, prevention, diagnosis and treatment selection, among other topics. Other questions will be: 

- What role does data quality play when it comes to trust in AI, and how can medical device approval be supported? 
- How much do medical images differ in practice, and how does that affect the development and application of AI solutions?
- Can we generate data synthetically to extensively test engines in the development phase for different data domains? 
- Demonstration of practical experience: Safe use of AI tools in radiology.

Our ECDF professor Dr. Tobias Schäffter (TU Berlin) will give the key note on "Accurate Data for better AI". Prof. Dr. Stefanie Remmele, Head of the Medical Technology Research Group, Landshut University of Applied Sciences, will provide insights into a current research project on "Benchmarking on Synthetic Data". Julia Moosbauer, co-founder and COO of deepc, Data Scientist and Mathematician, will bridge the gap from science to practice and share experiences on "Safe Use of AI Tools in Radiology".

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