Digital Economics

Scientific Insights into the Economic and Social Impact of the Digital Transformation

The project "Digital Economics" and its website aim to provide meaningful academic resources for students, academics, policy makers, and professionals centered around the economic impact of digital technology and future of work. Digital advancement is touching almost all spheres of our lives and through research and knowledge transfer, we can improve our understanding of potential effects of technology on society and organizations.

The website is run by Anastasia Danilov, a Professor of Organizational Economics and Future of Work at the Einstein Center Digital Future and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin together with Anna Almosova, a Professor of Digital Currencies at the Einstein Center Digital Future and Technische Universität Berlin.

On their blog, Anastasia Danilov and Anna Almosova deal with topics such as "Intelligent Machines and Technological Singularity", "Social Mobility in the Age of Social Media", "Data, Programmers, and Inherent Bias". In addition to summaries and policy advice on their blog, the professors provide suggestions for literature, videos and policy reports.