Speaker: Rafael Ballester-Ripoll, IE School of Science and Technology (Madrid)   Low-rank decompositions of matrices and tensors periodically return... read more »


We live in a moment of comprehensive datafication. Due to digital technologies, ever more aspects of our lives and the planet can be measured,... read more »


The Long Night of Science will take place again in Berlin on June 22, 2024. From 5 p.m. to midnight, numerous scientific and science-related... read more »


How do your biases affect your leadership, career and work environment? Most of us think, that we act and decide very rationally. But we all have... read more »


On June 28, 2024, a workshop on research data will take place as part of the project "PID reference model for versioning research data". The project... read more »

18. – 20.09.2024

From 18th-20th September 2024, Elisabeth Mayweg, ECDF-Professor of Digital Knowledge Management in Study and Teaching at the ECDF and at the Humboldt... read more »