Simula Research Laboratory

Simula Research Laboratory (simula) is a Norwegian research organization founded in 2001. Simula’s goal is similar to that of the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF), namely to gain sustainable knowledge in the areas of communication systems, scientific computing and software engineering.

In 2016, Simula selected the ECDF as a strategic partner for scientific cooperation and a joint doctoral program. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in April 2017 which was supplemented by two doctoral scholarships running for three years. The doctoral candidates, who took up their work in August 2017, are supervised in a cooperative model by scientists from Simula and the ECDF, thus paving the way for further collaboration. Following the successful initiation and expansion of cooperation, a joint proposal was submitted to the Norwegian government, recommending a strategic cooperation between Simula and the ECDF with regard to research, innovation and education in the digital sciences. In order to implement the cooperation, proposals for up to 15 doctoral scholarships have been filed that will mainly deal with topics from the fields of digital engineering, digital and digitalized public infrastructures and digital health systems.

The doctoral candidates would be jointly supervised by scientists from Simula and the ECDF, thus benefiting from the combined expertise of Norwegian and German scientists. The doctoral students would divide their time equally between the ECDF in Berlin and Simula in Oslo. The doctoral degrees would be awarded by one of the partner universities of either Simula or the ECDF. On completion of their doctorates, the candidates would likely be much sought after for positions in important areas of knowledge-based industries and academic research in Norway and Germany.

Principal investigators (PIs) from the ECDF and Simula have spent extensive periods of time in Oslo or Berlin getting to know the respective research groups and processes and exploring further synergies. Of particular note are the plans to establish an ECDF affiliate institution in Oslo to be managed by Simula.