Prof. Dr. Anna Almosova

Digital Currencies/Crypto Currency

How are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. changing the financial system? How do digital means of payment affect the economy as a whole? Prof. Dr. Anna Almosova dealt with these and other questions during her time as a professor from mid-October 2019 to April 2022. She was a Professor of Digital Currencies/Crypto Currency at the Einstein Center Digital Future and the Technische Universität Berlin.

The macroeconomist often works with Bayes' theorem – a mathematical proposition from probability theory that describes the calculation of conditional probabilities. Her macroeconomic models examine how economic actors make decisions based on available resources, information, and beliefs.

Anna Almosova relies heavily on interdisciplinary collaboration in her research – especially with experts in machine learning or big data. "I see great potential in the combination of the various disciplines, especially due to the diverse disciplinary approach, and I look forward to working with ECDF in a variety of ways. I find the view of computer scientists in particular very exciting," says Anna Almosova.

In the course of her doctorate she dealt for the first time with the concept and methods of machine learning and since then has applied them to the models of macroeconomics, and produces macroforecasts with the help of deep learning methods. For example, she investigated the prediction of macroeconomic time series with recurring neural networks.

With regard to digital currencies, she examines what would happen if only crypto currencies were used as means of payment. "We need to invest more in a macroeconomic model to experiment," she says. One of the questions the professor wants to investigate is whether the experiments with digital payments and cryptographic tools lead to different results than classical models based on traditional payment methods.