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SimRa has five new parter regions

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The research project "SimRa – Safety in Cycling" by ECDF Professor David Bermbach continues to grow: Cyclists inside five new partner regions can now collect data on near misses via the smartphone app. The Citizien Science project was launched in Berlin.

Through media reports and social media, bicycle initiatives in Augsburg, Bern, Bochum, Stuttgart and the Enzkreis have become aware of SimRa. David Bermbach is pleased about the great interest. "We hope for a higher range and a larger relevance for SimRa by the co-operation. The more users we have, the more weight our findings have," he says.

Local initiatives play an important role in this. "The SimRa app must be advertised in every region in order to attract more users," explains Ahmet-Serdar Karakaya, research associate. In addition, the project partners will later discuss the data and the findings with the local administrations. "With this project, we want to achieve sustainable changes for bicycle traffic," emphasizes David Bermbach.

SimRa is a research project that uses a smartphone app to collect data from cyclists on near misses. The researchers are investigating when accumulations of hazards occur, what they are, whether they occur at frequent intervals or locally, and where the main traffic flows move on the bike.