Smart Water Survey

Digital Transformation in the water supply sector

The Smart Water Survey is a collaborative work carried out by an international consortium. The Smart Water Networks group of Prof. Dr Andrea Cominola at Technische Universität Berlin and Einstein Center Digital Future leads this research effort, in partnership with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University of Gold Coast, Australia & the Environmental Intelligence for Global Change group at Politecnico di Milano.

Digital disruption has already transformed several industry sectors worldwide and is now changing the traditional paradigm of water utilities. Yet, water utilities are embracing the digital transformation with heterogeneous strategies and priorities, business plans, and technologies. Understanding the patterns of digital transformation across time, space, and water utility sectors is key to characterize its development, current impact, and influence on future plans.

//The survey
The smart water survey is a research project aimed to understand how the water utility paradigm is changing in the era of digital disruption. The point of view of utilities is investigated to analyze common digitalization priorities, best practices and technologies, and challenges entailed by the digital transition.

Completing the survey should not take more than 15 minutes.

The survey will run until the end of February 2020.

You can find the survey //here.