Interwoven Sound Spaces

Interwoven Sound Spaces

Enhancing musical ensemble practice through textile and network technologies for distance interaction.

The project Interwoven Sound Spaces explores possibilities of telematic music performances for the field of new music. New technologies enable a tangible interaction between musicians who are spatially in different locations. This creates a new musical experience for the audience and ensemble playing for the musicians. 

Interwoven Sound Spaces aims to enable rich, multi-sensory interaction in the context of telematic music performance. This is motivated by the need of enhancing communication and sense of co-presence between musicians and audiences during live concerts happening concurrently at multiple, distant geographic locations connected via telematic means. To achieve this, we propose to combine textile wearable technologies, interaction design, machine learning, and spatialised sound, thereby extending the experience of playing and spectating music telematically beyond screen-based applications.

We seek to connect new music ensembles in different locations across Europe, exploring new means for interconnectedness of musicians and audiences in live chamber music performance, through telematic technologies. In addition to providing tools for telematic ensemble play, we are particularly interested in the roles and dynamics of socio-cultural spaces that characterise live music performance. Factors other than music – such as dress cultures, communication between musicians, interaction between audience members – contribute to the enjoyment and success of live music performances. Our project and technical decisions will be guided by these considerations through an iterative development and close collaboration between musicians, composers, researchers, venues, and developers.


A project led by ECDF professor Berit Greinke and Federico Visi.


Participating institutions and ensembles:

Universität der Künste Berlin 
Luleå University of Technology
Einstein Center Digital Future
KNM Berlin (
Norbotten Neo (
TU Berlin