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Livestream: „Revisiting Collections“

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New strategies for communicating art and culture in a digitalized world will be the focus of the symposium "Revisiting Collections" on June 4 and 5 at the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF). At the two-day event, the significance of the digital for access to art and culture in all its facets and from a global perspective will be critically questioned. Thus, the structure and accessibility of digital collections are just as much a topic as, for example, the digital visualization possibilities of provenance chains. Performative aspects of the digital will also be examined. The symposium is interdisciplinary and international: invited are scholars, artists and experts from museums. Due to the limited number of places, participation on site is currently not possible.

A live stream of the lectures will be offered. During the event via the Youtube channel of Freie Universität:

Day 1

Day 2