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Job Offer: Professorship Digi­ta­l Engi­nee­ring 4.0

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As part of the Ein­stein Cen­ter Digital Future Tech­nis­che Uni­versität Ber­lin, Fac­ulty V - Mech­an­ical Engin­eer­ing and Trans­port Sys­tems - Insti­tute of Machine Tools and Pro­duc­tion Sys­tems - invites applic­a­tions for the pos­i­tion of a Uni­ver­sity Pro­fes­sor - salary grade W2, in the field of "Digital Engin­eer­ing 4.0", as tem­por­ary W2 endowed pro­fess­or­ship.

Work­ing field:
Con­duct­ing of research and teach­ing in the field of future innov­at­ive data pro­vi­sion and integ­ra­tion of tech­no­lo­gical innov­a­tions for new digital and data driven work­ing meth­ods and organ­isa­tional forms in Engin­eer­ing as part of the Indus­trie 4.0 solu­tion frame­work. Both the engin­eer­ing require­ments and the inform­a­tion tech­no­logy pos­sib­il­it­ies are to be taken into account. Research will be con­duc­ted with respect to new inform­a­tion solu­tions for dynamic struc­tur­ing and par­ti­tion­ing of product mod­els as needed for mod­el­ling, val­id­a­tion and use of smart products (products with high degree of digital net­work­ing) and digital twins for auto­mot­ive solu­tions. Meth­ods and tools of arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) and semantic data ana­lyt­ics are to be lever­aged in order to gain addi­tional poten­tials in engin­eer­ing excel­lence.

Complete Job advertisement can be found here.

Clos­ing date: October 10, 2019