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ECDF-Professors get involved in the "Stadtmanufaktur" project

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The strategic "StadtManufaktur" project of the Technischen Universität Berlin will be financed with 250,000 euros from the "CityLAB Berlin" funding line of the Berlin Senate Chancellery over the next eight months. In the "StadtManufaktur" project, complex urban processes are channelled through comprehensive thinking and working. The task is to design real laboratories for Berlin with the help of urban partners and to distil scientifically sound and application-oriented results from the projects. Transformation knowledge is to be systematised and made accessible to various locations with comparable problems. The project is open to partners and actors from civil society, science and industry. CityLAB Berlin sees itself as an experimental laboratory for the city of the future.

The pilot project "Last Mile – New Neighbourhood" as part of the "StadtManufaktur" is already being planned. It investigates to what extent new forms of mobility and land use can support the transformation of the currently largely monofunctional large housing estate Neu-Hohenschönhausen into a mixed-use, lively neighbourhood. In an innovative partnership, the bridge between science and practice will be bridged in order to allow the combined knowledge to flow into the sustainable transformation of the urban quarter along challenges such as demographic change, digitisation and climate change. Further real laboratories are to be developed and acquired under the umbrella of the "StadtManufaktur" together with various specialist areas. In cooperation with the ECDF professors: Prof. Helena Milhaljevic - Analytics and Big Data, HTW Berlin and Prof. Max von Grafenstein - Digital Communication & Self-Determination, UdK Berlin

The "StadtManufaktur" is an initiative of the 1st Vice President for Research, Appointment Strategy and Transfer of the TU Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Ahrend, together with the Center for Technology and Society (Dr. Gabriele Wendorf) of the TU Berlin and TU Professor Jochen Rabe of the Einstein Center Digital Future.

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