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Recap:National 5G Energy Hub Network Meeting

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Changes are necessary to implement the energy transition, including the transition from a centralized to a decentralized energy system: 
On October 12, 2022, the National 5G Energy Hub network met at the Einstein Center Digital Future. The initiative, funded by the BMWK and led by ECDF professors Joachim Seifert and Rita Streblow, aims to create digitization and application routines to enable users to develop new technologies for the energy transition. 

To this end, the collaborative project provides an open source building block for the construction of IoT platforms for energy systems. The building blocks are easily accessible and should be intuitively adaptable and usable by research institutions and industrial companies for their services. The platform has a unified data format and is built in a modular way, following the most modern development principles, which ensures that as many use cases as possible can be covered. 

Besides the ECDF, the universities RWTH Aachen and TU Dresden, project partners from industry are involved, e.g. Deutsche Telekom and techem. More information about the project, access to the publications and tutorials are available via