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Online survey: Smart Home in spring 2020

Does the corona pandemic have an impact on users' attitudes towards smart home devices? ECDF Professor Rita Streblow is currently investigating this and other questions together with a group of students from the TU Berlin. As part of the lecture "Smart Home" they are investigating the use of and attitudes towards networked devices in the Smart Home. The term "Smart Home" refers to the intelligent networking of several components such as light, speakers, heating or TV in the home. This allows users to remotely control their living environment or it automatically adjusts to the needs of the users. The aim of the survey is to learn more about the use and distribution of smart home components. The survey contains 33 questions. The average time to answer is five minutes. Further information is available by e-mail from the project manager Prof. Dr. Rita Streblow:

You can access the survey (in German) //here.