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Module Digitalization of the accompanying research on energy system transformation

To support the networking of all projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) in the Research Field Energy in Buildings and Neighborhoods, the accompanying scientific research project "Energiewendebauen" was launched on October 1, 2020 with interdisciplinary research teams in four different modules: Monitoring, documentation, networking and knowledge transfer; buildings; neighborhoods and digitization.

The consortium led by ECDF Professor Rita Streblow (Digital Networking of Buildings, Energy Supply Systems and Users) together with ECDF Professor Max von Grafenstein (Digital Self-Determination) and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research won the ideas competition for the digitization module. Over the next four years, they will now examine the various technology research and model projects with regard to their technical, regulatory and ecological aspects. The basic commonalities and basic schemes are to be summarized in a standardized application scheme in the form of a knowledge platform. In addition to the cross-analysis and the summary of the results, the consortium will focus on the investigation of the use of the digital twin and machine learning, data governance, data protection through technology design and data sufficiency, user-related obstacles and non-technical success factors, and the sustainability assessment of digital applications.

"We are very pleased that our consortium was able to win the digitalization module of the Ideas Competition Energiewendebauen. Together with our partners, we would like to enable an overall systematics of the topic area and relevant results through the interdisciplinary overview of all projects and promote the transfer of results into practice," says Streblow.    

Further information on the Ideas Competition Energiewendebauen can be found here. Announcements of current job offers for the project by Prof. Streblow and Prof. Grafenstein are listed here.