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LNDW: Great interest in the SimRa project

Prof. Dr. David Bermbach and his team presented their project "SimRa - Safety in Cycling" at the Long Night of Science in the Einstein Center Digital Future. Around 300 visitors* came to the House of Digitization on June 15, 2019.

In the foyer is the the presentation area of SimRa. Prof. Dr. David Bermbach points to an interactive map of Berlin. "Here you can see thePaulsborner Straße in Halensee. As you can see, cyclists are often overtaken very closely at this point," he explains. The map is part of the research project "SimRa - Safety in Cycling". Using a specially developed smartphone app, the researchers collect data on near misses. "Of course, we also have to collect and evaluate further data for the Paulsborner Straße in order to be able to make scientifically reliable statements," says Bermbach. He and his team are enthusiastic about the LNDW: "We had a lot of interest and met with great curiosity. I am curious to see how many new users we have been able to attract."