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New Project: Interwoven Sound Spaces – being present in multiple spaces.

Making music together in different places - The new artistic project Interwoven Sound Spaces explores possibilities of telematic music performances for the field of new music. New, remotely controlled technologies enable a tangible interaction between musicians who are spatially in different locations. A novel musical experience is created for the audience and the ensemble artists. 

For this experience, textile wearables, small networked computers that can be worn on the body, are combined with interaction design, interactive machine learning and spatial sounds. "We want to connect new music ensembles in different locations in Europe. At the same time, we are exploring new ways of connecting musicians in live chamber music performances through technologies that bridge distance while providing new creative space for compositions," explains ECDF professor Dr. Berit Greinke, who is leading the project together with her colleague Dr. Federico Visi. The project provides composers* and musicians* with the tools - e.g. wearables for six musicians and the network infrastructure - while exploring the role and dynamics of socio-cultural spaces that make up a live music performance.  

In addition to the music, the culture of dress, the communication between musicians, and the interaction between audience members also play a crucial role in the fascination and success of live performances; these considerations also find a place in the development of the project: "Very central to the project is the interactive development and close collaboration between musicians, composers, researchers, venues, and developers. In order to also pick up the audience, it is necessary to create a sense of co-presence and to enable communication despite the spatial separation - networked technologies also make this possible," says Greinke. On December 21, 2022, this innovative type of performance can also be experienced in Berlin. More information on the project at


Interwoven Sound Spaces is a joint project of the Berlin University of the Arts, Luleå University of Technology, Einstein Center Digital Future, KNM Berlin (, Norbotten Neo ( and TU Berlin under the direction of ECDF professor Berit Greinke and Federico Visi.