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Innovation in University Teaching: Prof. Hromada has been awarded

Prof. Dr. Daniel Hromada has been awarded one of four Senior Fellowships for "Innovation in University Teaching" by the Stifterverband. The ECDF professor received the fellowship, which is endowed with 25,000 euros, for his project " open source/hardware toolbox for CO2-neutral online outdoor teaching".

How can teaching at universities be further developed and improved? 179 applications addressed this question, 17 concepts were finally selected and awarded. The goal of the fellowship program is to motivate teachers to develop innovative concepts that will enhance their own teaching and at the same time send new impulses into the university landscape. In this way, young, talented people are to be attracted to universities in order to strengthen research and teaching. In addition to financial support, the fellows also benefit from exchange and networking within the support network, which now includes 133 award winners from the past ten years.

In the "" project, Prof. Dr. Daniel Hromada will work with students at the Berlin University of the Arts to design and test a solar-powered, e-ink digital artifact and associated open-source suite for outdoor online learning (OOL). "I am very excited about the award because it allows me to reconcile the classical Aristotelian concept of peripatetic teaching with state-of-the-art electrophoretic, portable, CO2-(Schreibweise wie oben)neutral digital technologies," says Daniel Hromada. As part of the project, students will design their own copies of the OOL toolbox.

You can find more information on Prof. Hromada's funded project //here.

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