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Heinz Pampel takes up ECDF Professorship for Information Management at HU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Heinz Pampel is concerned with the role of digital research and information structures in science in the context of the digital transformation. The professorship pays special attention to Open Science and the associated accessibility of information as well as digital science communication, with a particular focus on the perspective of libraries and data centers. 

"Information structures are always in flux in the digital transformation; they also have a key role to play if we are to make the cultural shift towards Open Science. In this context, information infrastructures, such as repositories and publication infrastructures, form the basis for open and sovereign knowledge practices that address pressing societal issues," Pampel said. His research will include research data management, science policy and open science, and academic libraries in the context of changing information and knowledge practices. 

"I am looking forward to my time at ECDF and the exciting interdisciplinary collaboration with new colleagues. In addition to research, knowledge transfer is of great importance to me, so I try to blog regularly on the topics and write about them on social media," says Pampel. Previously, Heinz Pampel was deputy head of the Helmholtz Association's Open Science Office. He will continue his work for Helmholtz as a Scientific Consultant. Heinz Pampel is one of the architects of the global directory for research data repositories and has been involved in various initiatives, projects and committees on Open Science in recent years. Heinz Pampel succeeds Rebecca D. Frank, who followed the call of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville as of August 1, 2022.