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Stadtmanufaktur: Virtual exhibition is now open

The Stadtmanufaktur, an initiative founded by ECDF Professor Jochen Rabe, among others, together with the Technical University of Berlin and the Centre for Technology and Society, opens its doors with a digital exhibition - initially virtual. The aim of the Stadtmanufaktur, in which ECDF professors Helena Mihaljevic and Max von Grafenstein are also involved, is to solve complex urban challenges in a combination of science and practice.

How can the traffic turnaround be designed with new digital tools? Is it possible to run a roof farm with wastewater? How do scientists and interested citizens, politicians and entrepreneurs come together to find solutions for climate change, innovative construction methods, new mobility and social cohesion? In the projects of the "StadtManufaktur Berlin", actors from science and the city work together on these questions and other future-oriented challenges for the growing metropolis of Berlin. The "StadtManufaktur Berlin" opens with a digital exhibition and shows current and future cooperations.

With the "StadtManufaktur Berlin", the TU Berlin wants to enter into a new partnership with the city of Berlin. In mutual exchange and joint experimentation, the "StadtManufaktur Berlin" will bring together and promote the transfer of research and development results and research and development needs. The TU Berlin's current projects on climate resilience, energy system transformation, circular economic activity and transformation knowledge will be presented for the first time in a joint context and will give an impression of the joint research being conducted by science and urban society.

The digital exhibition gives a first insight into scenarios, discourses and tools for urban transformation using the example of Neu-Hohenschönhausen, a pilot project of the StadtManufaktur initiated by researchers and other actors in urban society.

Spaces and alliances, laboratory situations and real experiments on topics of urban transformation will also be presented as examples. The exhibition is understood by the makers as the opening of a long-term process and discourse between the TU Berlin and the city of Berlin. The StadtManufaktur will generate and communicate transformation knowledge. It is the contact point for joint project development, it facilitates matching between scientists and partners from politics, business, culture and civil society, it accompanies joint projects and bundles the extensive knowledge gained from the projects in a common knowledge pool.

The founding of StadtManufaktur is an initiative of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Ahrend, Vice President of the TU Berlin for Research, Appointment Strategy and Transfer, Dr. Gabriele Wendorf, Scientific Director of the Center for Technology and Society at the TU Berlin, and Prof. Jochen Rabe of the Einstein Center Digital Future and Head of the TU Department of Urban Resilience and Digitization. The founding phase of "StadtManufaktur Berlin" is supported by the Berlin Senate Chancellery. Take a look and join in!

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Dr. Audrey Podann
TU Berlin
Strategische Projekte
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Dr.-Ing. Anja Steglich
TU Berlin
Transfer und urbane Transformation
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Dr. Gabriele Wendorf
TU Berlin
Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft
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Prof. Jochen Rabe
TU Berlin und Einstein Center Digital Future
Fachgebiet Urbane Resilience und Digitalisierung
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