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ECDF Launches Working Paper Series on Digitalization

Whether transformation of the working world, cryptocurrency or electronic textiles - Digitalization affects almost all areas of our society. The ECDF Working Paper Series aims to account for this diversity: interdisciplinary, scientific contributions on various aspects of Digitalization are published in the open publication series. All contributions undergo a peer-review process and are published Open Access under the CC BY 4.0 license.

"The aim of the series is to identify interdisciplinary perspectives and solutions for cross-disciplinary research problems and to promote societal solution strategies. The series is therefore aimed not only at scientists but also at political decision-makers, companies, NGOs and the interested public," explains Tilman Santarius, ECDF Professor for Socio-Ecological Transformation and Sustainable Digitalization at TU Berlin and co-initiator of the paper series.

In the first paper of the series, ECDF Professor Philipp Staab, Dominik Pietrón and Florian Hofmann address the design of digital markets. The authors argue for a sustainable circular economy that serves the general public but also sustainability goals.

To the Paper Series //here.

Paper #1: Sustainable Digital Market Design: A Data-Based Approach to the Circular Economy