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ECDF Annual Report 2022 is online

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Five more years of digitalization research: The successful evaluation was certainly the biggest milestone in 2022. Beyond that, it was again a successful year at the ECDF: n our annual report, we present the various projects, events, and people involved that shaped the past year 2022. 

With Prof. Dr. Hanna G. Zimmermann and Prof. Dr. Heinz Pampel, we were able to fill the open professorships "Applied Research of Visual Systems" and "Information Management", and with Prof. Daniela Rosner, PhD and Dr. Thomas Ramge, we gained two new associate members. 

The new research projects are very much in tune with our times: ECDF Professor Timm Teubner is investigating how tourism can be made more sustainable with the help of Data Science, while the joint project of ECDF members Prof. Dr. Felix Biessmann, Prof. Dr. Alex Glaser and Prof. Rebecca D. Frank, PhD is examining the role of Citizen Science in arms control. 

For the most part, we were again able to be on site at the events and, together with our partners, put on a wide variety of events: At the "IoT meets Autonomy" Summer School, PhD students from all over Europe came together to collaboratively hack; at the Berlin Science Week, we discussed the documentary "Codes Bias" and the interplay of AI and discrimination; at the presentation of the report "Digital Reset", the focus was on how the Digital Transformation can finally become sustainable. 

The full ECDF Annual Report is available for download here: DEU / ENG

We hope you enjoy reading it!