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Citizens discuss networked mobility

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Whether car sharing, rental bikes or taxi apps – the networked mobility processes numerous user* data. Prof. Dr. Max von Grafenstein, Timo Jakobi, Jan-Philipp Siebold and Kevin Klug would like to talk about the effects of these technologies from the point of view of citizens. As part of their "Privacy Icons" research project at the Einstein Center Digital Future and the Berlin Open Lab, they are therefore holding several workshops on the topics of "Surfing the Internet" and "Networks Mobility".

The workshops will take place from October 14 to 16, 2019 and on October 22, 23 and 25, 2019 at the Berlin Open Lab, Einsteinufer 43. The current round will focus on surfing the Internet and networked mobility, i.e. car sharing, and the rental of electric scooters, bicycles and the like. "We want to talk to citizens* about technologies that determine our lives and what needs for privacy or concerns exist in dealing with them," says Grafenstein.

Questions that accompany the participants are, for example: What data is collected? What is "private" about it? What can be done with this data? To what extent is this relevant for all of us personally? "The aim is to identify, categorise and evaluate these risks with citizens* so that together we can understand how data protection risks can be made more transparent, i.e. how we can be informed about the risks more quickly and more comprehensibly and how data protection risks can best be presented in a comprehensible way," explains Jakobi.

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