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#AI4care Datathon

Corona has shown how vulnerable our health systems are to crises. Nursing in particular is doing an enormous amount of work here. Help us to make our health systems more resilient and to master the care crisis with AI! So decide on 31.07 - at your own desk - to make a difference in the care sector together.

Many strong partners such as Hacking Health, N3XTCODER, VisionHealthPioneers and industry experts such as mit-pflege-leben, Insitu, our ECDF Professors Daniel Fürstenau and Felix Biessmann and others will participate in this Datathon! 

The winner will also have the opportunity to further develop his project with the support of N3XTCODER and Vision Health Pioneers. We are looking for project teams and individuals, whether data scientists, care and health experts, patients, hackers, developers, designers, digital marketers and all changemakers who want to address the following problem areas or support existing teams:

  • Demand-oriented care of people in need of care
  • Better care for people with limited cognitive and communication skills and mental health problems, especially in view of an ageing society
  • Better information and advice for nursing staff and care by relatives
  • Fair use and distribution of care staff and resources

Applications from project teams are possible until 23 July 2020. The event will be held in English, but team communication can in most cases be in German and there will be a German supporting programme.

There will be meetings in the run-up to the Hackathons Meetup, which will introduce the topic and provide insights into the problems.