Workshop: Designing Digital Ecosystems

On January 24st, 2023, ECDF-Professor Philipp Staab and the SINE Foundation will host a workshop for Graduate and post-doc students around the topic of Designing Digital Ecosystems. The workshop will be followed by a joint lunch. 



January 24st, 2023, 9.30 - 12.30h, followed by a joint lunch
at ECDF, Robert-Koch-Forum, Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin 
Sign up: Please send an E-Mail to Aurel Stenzel –


Workshop Goals and Key Result

Goal: Low-emission circular business ecosystems are the key to a sustainable economy within planetary boundaries. To enable successful and self-organized ecosystems, certain design mechanisms need to be in place. For example, in her seminal work on sustainable ecosystems, Elinor Ostrom identified eight design principles in systems that ensure successful collaboration under conditions of scarce resources. However, adapting these principles for digital ecosystems is a complex task. Which process and items need to be datafied? How to foster trusting relationships in the digital space? Which standards are necessary to unlock efficient resource allocation with  Digital Product Passport - an important new tool to combine all information of a product’s life cycle?


The goal of the interactive workshop is 

  1. to identify the key mechanisms that are needed in sustainable business ecosystems 
  2. to map them to digital interaction schemes, and define how to realize them in software and software-enabled services. 


In a second step, the non-profit SINE Foundation shall build and provide the software components as open-source technology free of charge.


Key Result:

A summary report with a list of mechanisms that enable self-organized ecosystems together with a mapping into software components. 



Graduate or post-doc students with knowledge in (information) economics, data business models, market or eco-system design, (data) commons, or other relevant fields. The workshop shall be very interactive. Therefore, the maximum number of participants is limited to 20.


About the Einstein Center Digital Future

The Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF) is the center for digitalization research in Berlin. is a project based on a large-scale public-private partnership (PPP) between more than 30 companies, organizations, all four Berlin universities, the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and more than ten research institutions from Berlin science. The Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF) is an enabler and accelerator for research in the field of digitalization in Berlin. We provide orientation in the disruptive digital transformation that we are experiencing by thinking outside the box, empowering evidence-based research, and pursuing a holistic approach to the current challenges that our digital future poses. 


About the SINE Foundation

The SINE Foundation is building the operating system for a more collaborative and sustainable economy. SINE designs and implements the foundation for lasting data collaboration - delivered as ready-to-use governance tools and Open-Source software. Like an app store for collaboration, we define and develop basic components and infrastructure to organize and optimize cross-company value creation. For this purpose, we publish the basic components under adequate open source licenses and distribute them to all interested parties via an app store-like service.

The non-profit organization is founded by academic experts, deep tech developers and progressive entrepreneurs. We support global organizations to identify, initiate and maintain use cases for data collaboration within complex multi-stakeholder environments (e.g., in the Partnership for Carbon Transparency). For more information, see this video, our homepage, or our latest publication on Data Commons.