Workshop: BIM in existing buildings - challenges in refurbishment

The digital workshop on "Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Existing Buildings - Challenges in Refurbishment" is organized by the working group around ECDF professor Dr. Rita Streblow in cooperation with the BIM Days Germany. The seminar will take place between 13:00 and 16:00, registration is possible //here

This workshop is conducted by the module Digitalization of the scientific accompanying research for the research initiative Energiewendebauen of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK).



Building Information Modeling is a method that uses digital models (CAD and alphanumeric parameters) and digital tools coupled to them (e.g. automatic collision checkers, hydraulic pipe flow simulation) to structure the collaboration of different stakeholders (different roles and disciplines). The goal is to make the increasing demands on buildings and thus the increasing complexity manageable. So far, the BIM method has mainly been applied to new construction. However, the renovation of existing buildings is one of the central challenges to achieve climate neutrality. For these reasons, we would like to build on our last year's workshop "ENERGY EFFICIENCY THROUGH DIGITAL BUILDING WITH BIM" (see and discuss the BIM method in relation to the renovation of existing buildings.

For this purpose, the first step is to present the state of the art of BIM in the renovation of existing buildings. The discussion of theses will be used to identify possible solutions and obstacles. A description of the existing building that is as complete as possible is beneficial for optimal renovation, both for the result and for the renovation process. In this workshop, the extraction of information from existing data sources such as technical drawings or characteristic values from type buildings and laser scanning for geometry derivation will be explicitly discussed. In a concluding discussion, research needs will be identified as concretely as possible.

Important core statements from the workshop will be introduced by the moderators into the forum of the BIM Days Germany "Discussion: #BTD 12 Core Messages for 2023" and discussed with the general public.