Workshop: Automated Detection of Online Hate Speech

As part of the research project "Decoding Antisemitism: An AI-driven Study on Hate Speech and Imagery Online" of the Centre for Research on Antisemitism in Berlin, the sixth in a series of seven planned workshops will take place on 12 October 2023. Following on from the first session, the workshop will explore the opportunities and limitations of artificial intelligence in the qualitative study of hate speech online. The main focus will be on the possibility of programming language-based AI models (such as RoBERTa) based on the findings of detailed qualitative analysis. Thus, a previously impossible representativeness for studies of online discourse can be achieved.

ECDF Professor of Data Science Helena Mihaljević will hold a workshop on "Automated detection of online hate speech" together with Julia Mendelsohn (University of Michigan School of Information, USA) on questions like:

What does the latest research tell us about the current possibilities and limitations of iterative exchanges between human coders and AI models? What are the current models and their capabilities, weaknesses and lessons for future approaches?

All workshops will take place between 4 and 6 pm on Zoom and will be held in English. You can register online as well as receive further information via the website.