Wikimedia: Open and fair - will the National Education Platform deliver on its promise?

On November 8, 2022, Wikimedia Deutschland will present the new study on the German government's National Education Platform (NBP) at the ECDF. The National Education Platform is a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which aims to network digital learning opportunities via an infrastructure in order to make them available to citizens. Wikimedia Deutschland is observing the planning and implementation phase of the metaplatform with a critical and constructive eye. The concept study "Values and Structures of the National Education Platform" commissioned by Wikimedia examines, among other things, which standards for learning are set by technological decisions. The authors of the study are Dr. Michael Seemann, Prof. Dr. Felicitas Macgilchrist, Jürgen Geuter, Christoph Richter and Prof. Dr. Heidrun Allert. 

Study presentation and panel discussion

For the publication of the study on 08.11.2022, not only the results will be presented by the study team, but also in an education policy panel discussion the status of the NBP will be commented and recommendations for action for policy will be derived from the results obtained so far. Presenting from the study team:

  • Prof. Dr. Felicitas Macgilchrist, head of the department "Medial Transformations" at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute.
  • Christoph Richter, research associate at the Institute for Pedagogy (IfP) at Kiel University.

 Discussing on the panel:

  • Saskia Esken, SPD chairwoman
  • Marina Weisband, participation educator and psychologist
  • Oliver Sachzse, Secretary General of the National Pupils Conference
  • Christian Humborg, Executive Director of Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.
  • Dr. Johanna Börsch-Supan, Head of Department "Education and Training; Lifelong Learning," Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Moderator: Vera Linß

Under the guiding question "Open and fair - will the National Education Platform deliver on its promise?", the panelists will discuss the development and expansion of the platform, their wishes and demands for the platform, and the question of how politics and civil society can work together here.


When, where and how will the event take place?

Date: 08.11.2022, from 18:00 - 19:45 hrs.

Location: Einstein Center Digital Future, Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin

Format: hybrid event (on-site and livestream).

More info and registration: //here

You can either be present on-site in Berlin or participate in the discussion via livestream via chat. We will inform you about the password-protected access to the livestream via e-mail in due time before the event.