Web seminar: Digital platforms in SMEs

Prof. Dr. Philipp Staab (ECDF/HU Berlin) will deliver the keynote address on February 16, 2021 during the web seminar "Digital Platforms in SMEs. Creating Shared Value as an Opportunity" of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Start time is 3 p.m.

The penetration of platform-based business models into more and more areas of the economy has changed markets and given rise to new value creation systems. While the B2C markets are already dominated by powerful digital platforms, mainly from the USA, there are no clear winners of the digital disruption in industrial and industry-related B2B markets yet. Many changes are still in the early stages here, but the established platforms are already pushing powerfully into these markets as well.

Will Germany's medium-sized and large industrial companies succeed in maintaining their leading global role and become pioneers in data-driven and platform-based business models themselves? How can a flow of value creation to the big tech companies be prevented? And what must happen so that small and medium-sized enterprises do not become mere data suppliers, but can maintain and expand their share of value creation in the platform economy?

Two current studies on the topic will be presented at the event.

The web seminar will take place as a Zoom event. Please register by February 10, 2021 //here.

Language: German