Telematics and eHealth in Patient-Centered Acute Medicine

Telematics, eHealth and High Definition Medicine in Patient-Centered Acute Medicine

For hundreds of years, observation, measurement and analysis have been applied in medicine. Paired with the enormous information technological progress of the last decades, this natural scientific approach continually generates “Big Data”. If evaluated properly, these data may be applied not only as evidence-based findings in acute medicine, such as guidelines or quality indicators, but also for individual High Definition Medicine.

What clinical, ethical and technical challenges will be faced by patients and healthcare providers in the coming years? How can new, innovative technologies be employed across sectors in the interests of the patients? What measures must be undertaken to promote good medicine?

Meet experts from telematics and e-health, patients, data protection officials, economists and politicians at the Leopoldina Symposium “Mission – Innovation” 2020. The event will take place on 28.02.2020 and 29.02.2020 in the Kaiserin-Friedrich Haus, Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin.