Conference: Hate Speech on the Internet - Mapping Digital Anti-Semitism

© Justin Wilkens

Hate and incitement on the Internet are problems that concern us all, because they endanger democracy and pluralism. The emergence of parallel public spheres and the anonymization of debates on the interactive web are fueling these phenomena on a massive scale. Communication based on reason and understanding is being displaced by constructions of difference that are gaining ground even in the middle of society. Anti-Semitism as an ideology of hate, which is particularly strongly anchored through historical transmission, is experiencing a renewed upswing.

Against this background, the conference of the Center for Research on Anti-Semitism at the TU Berlin will deal with current forms of anti-Semitism in social media. Qualitative and quantitative experts from the fields of linguistics, image and extremism research, communication sciences and data science will have their say. The moderator for the day will be Simone Rafael, head of the digital department of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. ECDF professor Helena Mihaljevič will give a talk on "Limits and possibilities of automatic detection of conspiracy narratives in Telegram". Afterwards, Prof. Gabriel Weiman, professor at the University of Haifa, will give the keynote address "New Trends in Online Antisemitism." For the complete program and registration: //here

The conference will take place at the Einstein Center Digital Future in Präsenz. In addition, a livestream is planned. Please note that the event will be held in German. In order to ensure the greatest possible protection for all participants, the event will take place in compliance with the 3G rule.