Summer School: Data-driven Urban Innovation

Professor Jochen Rabe (ECDF/TU Berlin), together with the HTW Berlin, the research group Human-Centered Computing (HCC) of FU Berlin and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, is hosting the "Summer School 2019 – Data-driven Urban Innovation" at the CityLab Berlin from September 9, 2019 to September 20, 2019.

The increasing growth of urban populations combined with global challenges ranging from digitization to climate change means cities require new innovative ideas and solutions. In this 2019 summer school, four universities will come together to explore the potential of data-driven innovation, with the goals of developing new insights and tools as well as a better understanding of how our cities need to change and adapt in the face of modern challenges. Partner organizations, like Deutsche Bahn, Technologiestiftung Berlin and others, will provide data and current challenges that the cities across the globe are actively grappling with. Over the course of two weeks, interdisciplinary teams will work collaboratively on projects which will then be on display at the public CityLAB exhibition.

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Challenge & Data Partners to be announced shortly.


CityLAB Berlin
Platz der Luftbrücke 4
12101 Berlin



  • 2019-9-9, Monday - Kick-off
    • - Welcome
    • - Introduction to challenges and datasets
    • - First ideation phase for data-driven solutions
  • 2019-9-10, Tuesday - Lectures and project work
    • - Prof. Jochen Rabe - Dynamization of space
    • - Prof. Dr. Tobias Schröder - Modeling social dynamics in cities
  • 2019-9-11, Wednesday - Lectures and project work
    • - Prof. Dr. Olga Willner - IoT in Smart Cities
    • - Victoria Dykes & Dr. Sebastian Meier - Open Data Berlin & Civic innovation
  • 2019-9-12, Thursday - Lectures and project work
    • - Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk - Data Visualization and Urban Transformation
    • - Dr. Christoph Kinkeldey - Uncertainty Visualization in Practice
  • 2019-9-13, Friday - Intermediate project presentations
    • 2019-9-16, Monday - Practical workshops & project work
      • - Prototyping, Cloud Services, Physical Computing, etc.
    • 2019-9-17, Tuesday - Practical workshops & project work
      • - Prototyping, Cloud Services, Physical Computing, etc.
    • 2019-9-18, Wednesday - Project work
      • 2019-9-19, Thursday - Production day
        • - Finalizing projects for inclusion in the CityLAB exhibition
      • 2019-9-20, Friday - Final Presentation
        • - Public presentation and project show in the exhibition