ECDF @ re:publica 2024

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re:publica will take place again in Berlin from May 27-29, 2024. Our researchers will be there this year, too, with talks, panels and workshops on the interdisciplinary facets of digitalization research. The motto of this year's festival is "Who cares?". Tickets and further information on the re:publica program can be found //here.

All sessions at one glance:


Solar Geoengineering – Why we must dim the sun before entering the post-fossil age with ECDF Associated Member Thomas Ramge

Topic: Humanity is not decarbonizing decisively enough. In a few decades from now, we will likely live on a planet with 2 degrees of global warming. Without solar geoengineering, billions of people will suffer unbearable consequences. Reflecting sunlight into space will be our best option to gain time.

When: 27.05.2024 from 15:30 until 16:00.

Where: Stage 10


Integration of Quantum Principles into the Artistic Process with Gesche Joost, Speaker of the ECDF

Topic: At re:publica, the Goethe-Institut's residency and events programme Studio Quantum invites a diverse panel to discuss art and quantum technologies. Join us for a unique exploration of technology and creativity.

When: 28.05.2024 from 13:45 until 14:45

Where: Stage 3 


AI in care – what are the challenges and special features? With ECDF Prof. Felix Biessmann

Topic: The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in nursing requires a critical examination of the resulting technical, ethical and social challenges. Nursing practice, nursing research and AI development bring valuable perspectives to the panel discussion.

When: 28.05.2024 from 12:30 until 13:30

Where: Stage 11

AI my ass! Is digitalization a way out of the care crisis? With Julia Bringmann.

Topic: Nursing staff care – within a healthcare system at its limits. Digitalization and automation are intended to relieve the workload of nurses and thus make the job more attractive and protect the people who care. But what is sci-fi and what is reality?

When: 28.05.2024 from 17:30 until 18:30

Where: Stage 8