Prof. Dr. Max von Grafenstein at the CDPD Conference 2024

On Wednesday, 22nd May 2024, 4 p.m., Max von Grafenstein, University of the Arts Berlin and ECDF will speak on the topic „We do not protect data, but fundamental right! What's really at stake in Policyization, then?“ at the CDPD-Konferenz 2024.

An essential aim of the data protection regulation is to protect the fundamental rights of data subjects. We need to evaluate the risks to these rights and weigh them against other fundamental rights positions in various assessments. This includes data protection risk assessments of Art. 24, 25 and 32 as well as 36 GDPR, Art 6f, GDPR, for legitimate interest and more. Beyond the rights to “private life” and “protection of personal data” (Art.7 & 8) there is a number of fundamental rights potentially infringed by data processing. If we think about it, we recognize it is not so obvious which data processing means and practices affect which fundamental rights. In this workshop the aim is to address these questions and draw on the multidisciplinary expertise of the workshop’s attendees. After a short intro in the topic and a presentation of the fundamental rights of the EU Charta of fundamental rights, the aim is to collect concrete scenarios of personalization and conduct a world café. 

On Thursday, 23rd May 2024, 4 p.m., Max von Grafenstein, University of the Arts Berlin and ECDF will speak on the topic „Cookie Pledge, Do Not Track… how is all that supposed to work? Here we learn how!“ at the CDPD-Konferenz 2024.

Consent forms are usually formulated by the data controllers, i.e. in case of doubt their legal design follows the interests of the data controller and not the data subjects. In order to give greater weight to the interests of data subjects, the aim is to delevop an international standard that should be presented and discussed for the first time at this year’s CPDP. The discussion will centre on what requirements the standard must contain, not only from a legal point of view, but above all with regard to visual representation and technical infrastructure, in order to gain the broadest possible acceptance among economic stakeholders, too. 

The talks will be given in english.


Maison de la Poste (2. floor, music room)

Rue Picard 7

1000 Brüssel


Time: 4 p.m.