Man and machine: competition for the jobs of the future?

When people discuss the transformation of the world of work through digitization and automation, the focus is often on the fear that millions of jobs could be lost as more and more tasks are taken over by robots, self-driving cars and algorithms. But are these really the decisive factors for the impending structural change? Or does the discourse on automation, as conducted by futurologists, technological utopians or in the field of Marxist social criticism, even hinder possible answers to this structural change in the sense of a democratic organization of the economy under new framework conditions? How can a working world be designed in which man and machine do not compete with each other but complement each other in a meaningful way?


This will be discussed on Friday, December 09, 2022 at the Einstein Center Digital Future:

  • ECDF Professor Philipp Staab, Professor of the Sociology of the Future of Work at ECDF and Humboldt University in Berlin. 
  • Christian Wolf MdA, spokesman for digitization, energy, tourism and businesses of the parliamentary group of the Free Democrats in the Berlin House of Representatives
  • Prof. Dr. Rahel Jaeggi, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Paul Jürgensen, policy officer of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation's Progressive Center
  • Prof. Dr. Aaron Benanav, Professor of Sociology at Syracuse University, USA

Detailed program and registration: //here