Live-Podcast: Gender Diversity in Computer Sciences

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Sara Nill and Elisabeth Steffen invite you to a live recording of their podcast "Female Tech Talk". Why do so few women study computer science and what has the field to offer forthem. Sara Nill and Elisabeth Steffen's podcast aims to discuss these questions and more, and encourage more women to take the plunge into the world of computer science.
On June 22nd, the two will discuss "Gender Diversity in Computer Science" with Social Justice & Diversity Trainer, Project Manager and Engineer Franziska Beckert in a live-recorded episode of the podcast at  ://about blank, a Berlin Club and Cultural Centre.

The event is sponsored by the ECDF Gender & Diversity Network

Club and Cultural Centre ://about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c
10245 Berlin
Entry from 17:30 | Start18:00. Entry is free.