Applications of Computer Vision in Dentistry – HIDA Lecture by Tabea Flügge

This lecture held by Tabea Flügge, ECDF Professor for "Digital Technologies for the Reconstruction of Complex Facial Defects" at Charité Berlin, focuses on the dynamic convergence between digital dentistry and artificial intelligence (AI). As digital dentistry reshapes traditional practices with innovations like 3D imaging and CAD/CAM systems, AI emerges as a transformative force, revolutionising diagnostics, treatment planning, and personalised patient care. This lecture shows a spectrum of AI-driven strategies poised to redefine dentistry's landscape. Tabea Flügge will lead through the fundamentals of digital dentistry and its real-world applications along with AI applications to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient outcomes from diagnostics to workflow optimization. The lecture will give an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between digital dentistry and AI, poised to leverage their expertise in unlocking new frontiers in dental healthcare.

The event is part of the bi-weekly HEIBRiDS Lecture Series.


Einstein Center Digital Future
Conference room, 1st floor
Wilhelmstraße 67
10117 Berlin

The event will take place in hybrid mode and in English. Registration by e-mail ( is requested.