GirlsDay 2020 – Girls in Creative Tech

What is possible when music, fashion or design meet code and tech? – At the GirlsDay Workshop on March 26, 2020, organized by Coding For Tomorrow at the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF), girls will meet role models from the digital creative industries who will give them a practical insight into coding and making as artistic-creative tools. The women exemplify different professions that combine creative-artistic work with technology. With this workshop CFT wants to encourage more girls to realize their potential in the tech industry.

Mini pressure sensors woven with Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke and Paula Keilholz
Berit Greinke is professor at the ECDF and the UdK Berlin for "Wearable Computing". At the GirlsDay Workshop she will give the participants insights into her research.

Sound Studio with Josa Peit
What will orchestras of the future look like? And how do you hack music? Producer and singer Josa Peit offers a musical experimental space where girls can build virtual musical instruments, try their hand at sound design and learn more about music production.

Interactive media stage with Sara Lisa Vogl
Will we travel the world in the future without leaving the room? "Virtual Reality Shaman" Sara Lisa Vogl invites you to question physical reality and to expand your creative view with virtual experiences. With the help of Lense Studios the girls create augmented reality designs for Snapchat.

Fashion Tech Boutique with Lina Wassong
Can a piece of jewelry make our feelings visible? Will clothing communicate with the environment in the future? Together with Fashion Tech Designer Lina Wassong, the girls create jewelry from the 3D printer. In the process, they get exciting impressions of digital fabrication and the creative process of a designer.