Festival: womxn from arts to engineering

"WÆ - Womxn from arts to engineering" - This year's two-day virtual festival is all about innovations from arts to engineering for a just future! The festival focuses specifically on gender dimensions in higher education, research and innovation in disciplines ranging from arts to engineering:

  • Presentations (women only!)
  • Panel discussion live from the Futurium Berlin
  • Vernissage of the virtual exhibition
  • Workshops
  • Contributions submitted: Lectures, exhibition, darkroom
  • informal networking event
  • Participation is free of charge

On 07.10. ECDF professor Lydia Kaiser will give a lecture on "With diversity to better systems - a systems engineering perspective".


Vision of the Festival:

Global challenges require rethinking and courage for unprecedented multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration. Bringing together the creative talent and energy of the arts with the technical expertise of engineers and scientists can help find ways towards a just future. Therefore, the event will bring together experts in the arts and engineering for a two-day virtual festival with an inspiring program of invited speakers (all women) and panelists. WÆ stands for the collective we that results from the fusion of knowledge acquired by Womxn from art and technology. The overarching mission of WÆ is to create a platform for the open, collaborative and unbiased exchange of ideas to solve technical challenges with innovation and style, and vice versa.

More info and to register: