Expert talks "Adaptation or revolution"

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On March 18, 2024, at 8 pmPhilipp Staab, ECDF Professor of Sociology of the Future of Work at the ECDF and Humboldt University Berlin, will be seen and heard in conversation at Schauspiel Leipzig together with emeritus literary scholar Joseph Vogl, also from HU Berlin, under the motto "Adaptation or Revolution". Together with the two guests, host Jens Bisky will discuss which affects are currently being released and which guiding patterns will determine society in the future.

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About the event series: Expert talks "In the midst of history"

"In the midst of history“" is the motto of the 23/24 season at Schauspiel Leipzig. We are right in the middle of history, which is now being negotiated and shaped. The past few months have made it clear how much the present is determined by the past - whether we like it or not. And the debates and decisions of our present also lay the foundations for the future.
Short-circuiting the present and the past, maintaining the connection to the past and at the same time taking perspectives for the future is the theme of many productions this season - and we also want to discuss it in the accompanying series of talks. 
Perspectives can change. The experiences of the present change our view of the past and of what seems important to us or what was perhaps previously overlooked. What can the past tell us and how does it change? What does the past tell us about ourselves? And how do we manage the future?

Two productions open the season on the main stage: „Cabaret“ and „Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui“. Both plays look at the 1930s in Germany from very different perspectives and with very different approaches. As a dance on the volcano, "Cabaret" celebrates a liberalism that will soon go under - and tells of the sharp social and political contrasts that accelerated this downfall. The author Christopher Isherwood was influenced by his own experiences in Germany in the early 1930s.
Bertolt Brecht's "Ui", written in exile in Norway in 1941, is the bitter parable of the rise of a Chicago petty thug to dictator - made possible by the support of the Chicago Cauliflower Trade Association. and made possible by pressure and terror and violence.
These two productions form the field in which publicist Jens Bisky ("Mittelweg 36" / Hamburg Institute for Social Research) will delve deeper into the season's motto in a new series of talks - with guests who have particular expertise in this season's themes.