EARLI SIG 20 & 26 Conference 2024

From 18th-20th September 2024, Elisabeth Mayweg, ECDF-Professor of Digital Knowledge Management in Study and Teaching at the ECDF and at the Humboldt University of Berlin, is organizing the EARLI SIG 20 & 26 Conference 2024 at the Humboldt University of Berlin. The topic will be "Digital, Analogue, and Hybrid Learning Spaces: Rethinking dialogue, inquiry, and argumentation?!". Keynote speakers at the conference will include Sam Wineburg, Calypso Iordanou and John Nesbit. 

In view of the current and future developments in digital technologies, ongoing discussions about learning in and from digital, analog and hybrid learning spaces are more than timely. It is important to explore and test theories of learning and teaching through inquiry, argumentation and dialogue in diverse and ever-changing learning spaces. Likewise, it is important to understand what knowledge and skills are required to function and thrive within them. The joint SIG 20 & 26 Conference at the Humboldt University of Berlin offers researchers and practitioners the space and opportunity to present their research in a friendly and cooperative context, exchange perspectives and discuss the future. 

Program and registration in due time //here