CPDP 2021: Enforcing rights in a changing World

ECDF Professor Dr. Max von Grafenstein (Berlin University of the Arts) will participate in the CPDP 2021 Conference - Enforcing rights in a changing world on Thursday, February 28, 2021. The annual conference is dedicated to privacy and data protection. 

The panel, "Where are the missing data subjects? Democratising data projection through participation", where Prof. von Grafenstein will participate as speaker, will address EU data protection law and public participation in data protection impact assessments in order to establish control, legitimacy and democratisation of data protection. 

The focus will be on the following questions:

  • Is there an obligation for individuals to participate in DPIAs under the GDPR?
  • Stakeholder participation in DPIAs can help enforce the right to data protection, but why is no one doing it?
  • Who should be involved and how?
  • Technocracy vs. societal input and legitimacy: incompatible values?


Start: 4 pm
Location: Online

For more information about the conference and the registration click //here.