BIFOLD Weizenbaum Summer School

The second BIFOLD Weizenbaum Summer School, taking place from September 11th to September 15th, 2023, aims to explore the intricate relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the context of sustainability. This event will particularly emphasize the practical applicability of AI and Machine Learning as valuable tools for fostering sustainable development.

During the conference, distinguished speaker Professor Andrea Cominola from the ECDF will deliver a talk on Urban Sustainability on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023. By utilizing the analyis of the success of Berlin’s green roofing subsidy programs as a case study, Professor Caminola will delve into how artificial intelligence can effectively analyze geodata to support sustainable development efforts. The presentation will shed light on both the limitations and potentials of AI-based tools in monitoring and facilitating sustainable progress.

The Summer School will take place at the EUREF Campus of TU Berlin.

The application deadline is 23 July 2023. You can refer to the Summer School's website for further information.