January 18-19,2018

IoT hackathon: IoThon

IoThon is Europe's first research-oriented open source IoT hackathon, taking place in January 18 -19, 2018 in Berlin, at Einstein Center Digital Future. IoThon is a focused IoT hackathon for students, researchers, and developers working on open source IoT projects, especially related to information-centric networking (ICN) and blockchains. IoThon is organized by several European universities, people from the open source community RIOT, and EU Horizon 2020 projects SOFIE and POINT. Registration is required. MORE INFORMATION >>

February 20, 2018

Workshop: Social Network Analysis for PhD-Students

This course gives an introduction to network analysis with a focus on social networks. The PhD-Students will use the tool Gephi for hands-on exercises using real-world data from Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and possibly other sites that enable the extraction of social networks. The aim is to understand the full workflow of a social network study from data extraction, data cleansing, modelling, visualization, analysis, and critical interpretation. The workshop is organized by Professor Daniel Fürstenau, FU Berlin/ Einstein Center Digital Future. Registration is required.