Women in STEAM

Initiative at the Einstein Center Digital Future

Like perhaps no other term, ‘digitalization’ is associated with contradictory expectations, forecasts of societal development, and of our lives and work. In this context, science must accordingly pose the question of how its research can contribute to an inclusive digital society, and thus to more equal opportunities, diversity and digital empowerment.
From the perspective of long-standing inequalities in gender relations, a crucial question is how digitalization can be shaped to promote a comprehensive shift towards gender equality and diversity. To what extent can digitalization be used to question hegemonic concepts of gender roles? How can the perspectives of women and other underrepresented groups actively shape the transformation processes taking place?
In order to make a contribution to this discussion, we have launched the ‘Women in STEAM’ initiative at the ECDF – and in doing so we are extending the classical focus of the STEM disciplines to include the arts and humanities, in order to obtain the most holistic and comprehensive view
possible on the opportunities and risks of the ‘digital era’.
At the core of the initiative is a series of public lectures with renowned researchers and artists. The aim is to promote a public and critical debate at the ECDF and beyond. The lecture series deals with the role of gender in the context of the digitalization and technologization of our society with the aim of promoting gender diversity in research. In addition, we would like to use this framework to delineate diverse paths to a scientific career and to discuss the roles that interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research could play in this process

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