DataTag online: Data Protection & Digital Education

How can digital school lessons be made privacy-friendly and what are the obstacles along the way? 

On September 15, the ECDF and the Stiftung Datenschutz (Data Protection Foundation) invite you to DataDay online: Data Protection & Digital Education. This event format brings together representatives from politics, science, business and society to discuss data protection issues with political and economic framework conditions. 

The aim is to clarify with the relevant stakeholders what the challenges are on the path to legally compliant digital instruction and what developments are still needed.

The current attitude of the data protection supervisory authorities plays a decisive role in this. The attitudes of the authorities in the federal states certainly differ from one another when it comes to the use of international video conferencing tools - in some cases the authorities are rather strict, in others more willing to compromise. Meanwhile, teachers have high expectations for digital equipment in schools. But the actual offerings in the states often do not satisfy the user side.

Teachers talk to their union representatives about the current situation in schools. How do the possibilities and offerings of digital tools fit in with the requirements of data protection supervision? We find out in a roundtable discussion with the provider side, both from a German and an international perspective.

Finally, students will be asked how they perceive the situation in digitized teaching: Are aspects of data protection and data security adequately addressed when dealing with student data? Do learners' rights play a role in the selection of tools for digital lessons?


Time: September 15 - 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Location: Einstein Center Digital Future | Wilhelmstr. 67, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Form: Hybrid meeting (speakers on-site and via video; audience via video only).

More information about the event and the registration can be found //here.